Thursday, December 31, 2009

2012 minus 2

lovers -

Before anything else: Thank you. Thanks for the night at Demco, Thanks for the skoun night. We sold out all our candy during the album launch, and the second batch just got delayed (we are not jinxed - we don't own umbrellas or scissors anyways), butt! The CD will be available again in stores on January 7th [ virgin, music now hamra, cd theque - more details early next week] gifting is so hot this season, please - knock yourself out :)

So technically speaking, The album will be available in stores for purchase and for exchange next week [for those who had bad copies from the launching concert, you can change your CDs at a secret location - details will be announced later ]

As for maths, today is a pre-1, 31. We know, it doesn't make sense, but the deal is - tonight is so important that there are places that you normally go into for drinks - that you wont be able to afford anymore - and for that, we cheer you - inexpensively, via - free messaging - we flood your inbox with yet another happy new year note (at least we're not tagging you in meaningless pictures with [HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010] like your other friends are doing ..that in turn will flood your inbox with things like ''hayete, you too'' and ''bedna nwalle3a" and "oh ma GAD, you're so nice" from people you don't know ) oh well, you're all too special.

By now, kellna fassalna fasateen, we2feen bil tabour ma3 7alna.. possibly 3al sakt, hopefully mish 3al 7ajez - 3am nlamme3 shi 3obwa, ta nfajjer yasmeen kirmel tshemma bent el jiran - aw bayya, yelli em bembelela7 ma3 leila, ba3d ma raqset raqseta.. tanlatlet 3a jihad *** yelle msh ader, illa ykhalliya zekra

*all the references are to fictional people*
a personal message from leila and her two sisters, souad and jiji
obviously approved by noone..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Album of the Week

hehe...take a guess.
If you didn't catch it at our concert, we're selling it at our next concert (Wednesday 30th, in 2 days) so pass by ;) It's a benefit concert for Skoun, an NGO dealing with the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

Concert info:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It was exhausting, exhilarating, and overwhelming. We expected a large audience, we got a HUGE audience. We're honoured and grateful to everyone who came and everyone who helped us out.
We were sold out of 1000 CDs in less than an hour.
There was a long queue, yes, a queue, at the entrance. Yes we were still in Lebanon.
We couldn't believe it.
Again, it was exhausting, exhilarating and overwhelming.

We went behind the stage 30minutes before we were meant to go on. News came to us that we were sold out. We were shocked, ecstatic. With a little alcohol in our blood we were dancing around in excitement. But it was hard not to feel more nervous than usual before a performance. Our CDs were sold out in less than an hour? All 1000 of them? Then we stood still waiting for the the music that Ziad Nawfal had on to end so that we can climb onto the stage. It ended. It was our turn.
On stage we were playing differently than we usually did before. We were more alert, more focused. This was a big deal for us, and we had been working so hard for these moments. It wasn't just some gig that we were invited to do, it was all us. The audience was so big!
It was over, Ziad took over again and we climbed off stage. We were showered with hugs. Hugs from our producers, from our friends who came to meet us backstage, and even from people we didn't know very well. We were thrilled.
And exhausted, and exhilarated, and overwhelmed.

Thanks to everyone who came that night, and all those who made that night possible. It was a night we'll never forget.
hamed needs a tribe. now. he does not belong. tribe please.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A33izza2una, Sayyidatuna, Sadattuna, al sa3idiyeh, al 3asha2iriyyeh, al jumhooriyyeh, al allahwiyyeh, wa ruwwad al tishtikitamtam,

It’s done. Those of you who’ve been here for a while will know exactly how much this means to the seven of us. Those of you who came in late, fuck we’re 2500 plus!!!!!

 The People’s Republic of Lubnanabad cordially invites you to join us in commemorating the anniversary of the Republic’s institution, and the birth of its founding Matron, Leila, daughter of Marika Spiridon, Liberator of occupied territories, chic by day, skank by night. The celebration will take place on the 19th of December 2009, Demco Steel Warehouse, Bourj Hammoud, 9:00 PM. Come one, come all. Wear something saucy [Less Georgina Rizk, more Samira Sa3id].
In other announcements:
-WE FINISHED OUR CD!!!!!!!!!!!
-HAMED’S FAILING HIS THESIS, but it’s okay if we get famous we might make it into parliament, and paint everything pink.
 -The People’s Republic of Lubnanabad is currently negotiating diplomatic relations with Jumhooriyat al Hummus:
If anyone’s a publisher publish this guy. He’s a genius. GENIUS I SAY!!!!!! We wanted to collaborate for a little show thingy on the 19th but time is an imperialist, maybe another time.
-The People’s Republic of Lubnanabad would also like to announce a collaboration between heads of Parliament [Mashrou3 Leila] and a brilliant design/animation/art collective called YELOSTUDIO. YELO shot a video for Raksit Leila that should be out soon. They did a phenomenal job, and have excellent work:
-Haifa Wehbe is the coolest chick in the middle east, after Nawal al Saadawi.
 Eat more hummus.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FALAFEL KHALIFE [ al-fakhira ]

Genre - I have come to realize, after collaborating with other musicians from here and there, within the ecstatic multi-colored plains of pan-Arabia, that we – as cocktail – like our audicies obscene and our scenes odysseys. It all stands, where structure lays bare for us to repair – not because static deserves to die, but because of everything else. To compose, becomes not the act of making, as opposed having a conversation. To make, brings about playing with notions once restricted – or not. Genre – We have come to realize, after collaborating with other musicians from here and there, within the ecstatic multi-colored plains of pan-Arabia, that we do not need to define *bites falafel sandwich without pickles* anything. If anything, this becomes an experiment of no hypothesis – an erotic dyslexia – a production of sound, ticklish enough to provoke building a playground *licks finger*, a selfish place for more than one person. Maybe these are the wrong questions, I am not a musician – I make music *orders another falafel*, I am not an eater – I eat. Is it a mutual necessity, this relationship of maker versus making *points at violin*, ask it – but I don’t think it speaks any English *sighs, licks finger*.     

Friday, December 11, 2009


We've been shooting for two days with yelostudio ( pieces of the videoclip for Raksit Leila, and we'll be shooting the rest tomorrow!
It's been a lot of fun so far, they're very tallented, very energetic, even at the end of the day when they've been shooting non-stop for 12 hours straight. It's really exciting, we're anticipating a great video soon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Album of the week

"Dance of Fire"
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.
She's great...

Friday, December 4, 2009

one out of nineteen

once upon a time, there was an exhibitionist princess, that enjoyed nothing more than getting into herself for you. she constantly critisized constipated conscious minds of not letting her scream whatever she wanted, so she would do it again and again, every night, before seven - she would get into herself for you and scream - so one day, after seven, they took her voice away.
once upon approximately the same time, leila, not the princess, cried three cups of tears and threw them out of her window and prayed that a pigeon would drink at least one seventh of her water - for she might gain a volume she never had. but all the pigeons had left beirut that night, for everyone needed to keep their distance when the seven sounds ...
Raafat  | رأفت


this map will guide you to the ALBUM RELEASE CONCERT venue [DEMCO STEEL] on saturday december 19th. the location is very simple, Bourj Hammoud sea road, next to Gallerie Vanlian.