Monday, March 26, 2012

the public baby grand piano

In a metro station in Barcelona, a baby grand piano is there for anyone to play.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glocal Talent

Tarek Yamani is one of my favourite pianists. Not favourite pianists in Lebanon, favourite pianists fullstop. The first time I saw him play I was around 18 years old, and what caught my attention was how fast and effortlessly his fingers moved along the piano, and how much I simply enjoyed listening. He was younger than the rest of the musicians, some of whom I knew because they were teaching in the school I was learning jazz piano in. It was a gig in Bar Louie back in the day when Gemmayzeh wasn't an explosion of bars and clubs every 2m.

A lot has happened from that day till today. Tarek went to pursue music in Holland, where he graduated with honours. He then won the prestigious Thelonius Monk International Jazz Composers Competition in 2010. I learned about this casually from a friend and was shocked that there were no big celebrations in the country to congratulate this enormous achievement. I felt so proud of him, because he was good enough.

From the last time I spoke with him a few months ago, he told me he was working on a CD with a trio. And now I found that he's also working on a film called 'Decoding Bach' in collaboration with director Darine Hotait. I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavours.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

El Hal Romancy - Mashrou' Leila [Official Video]


We miss you, but we can take seven more days.

Leila's super-excited for this one. El Hal Romancy - a video... This time.. she wanted to hold the camera - she wouldn't pose for this one, she just wouldn't.

She grabbed the camera with few of her friends, few lovers and a bride and attacked Beirut. Beirut wasn't enough, she attacked Trablus. Trablus wasn't enough, but there was no money and no time left. She came back with this.

watch it - share it - post it on your walls - spread the word - and come kiss Leila on the 29th.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

EL Hal Romancy Free Download


I hope this message finds you inspired, healthy, and in good spirits.

As you might have picked up from my previous messages, I’ve been working on a new E.P. for some time.

If you’re feeling supportive, it’s available for download on iTunes and on Amazon. You can buy it here:

iTunes []

Amazon []

Otherwise, if you can’t buy it online, then you can download it for free off of the band’s website. We have worked so much on the music, recording and mixing it ourselves - so we wouldn't have to answer to any music bureaucrats - we're more than happy to share it with you for free. you can download it on this link:

While you’re at the site make sure you check out the photographs Tarek Moukkadem took of us and George Awde took for us for the album art.

Also, the E.P. will be available in print with the album art, the way all music should be kept, as of the 29th of July at the launch at the Hippodrome. I hope you can make it. Salma, my sister, said to me once “dance is for the theatre, or the eyes of a loved one, and when you’re lucky, those two aren’t the same.” I’m not sure I believe that, but either way I’d love little more than to know you are in the crowd while I dance.

Morning kisses on your right eyelid…



Thursday, July 14, 2011


dear citizens of lubnanabad – and revolutionary lovers -

The People’s Republic of Lubnanabad cordially invites you to join us to the biggest wedding of the summer – Leila and Wajih – and the celebration of our new E.P. The event will take place on July 29th, starting 8 pm – at the Beirut Hippodrome [horseracing track] in Mathaf [next to the National Museum of Beirut]. 

Tickets will be available starting this Friday the 15th at: 

- Virgin Ticketing box office - 01 999666
- Coppa Di Pasta - Hamra - 01 341734
- U Shop - United Station Antelias, Hazmieh - 03 979757
- United Dj's Record Shop - Zalka - 03 957344

don't lave that to the last day - 15 days left for the concert!!!

If you’re around town, YOU HAVE TO COME. If you’re in the region, or somewhere close - you have to try to come. We have made special travel packages with Kurban Travels for our friends abroad – you can check more details on:​urbanTours.pdf

If you’re far far away - disneyland, Narnia, Gotham city or somewhere further away – and there’s no way you can make it to Beirut on july 29th - then this is what you have to do:

If you know someone in Beirut - tell them about it. Share the link - invite them to come, harass them with it. Make them take videos to share with you - so you pretend you were there - playing with us, singing with us - somehow. We want to meet all your friends in Beirut, your parents, and their friends - we want your imaginary friends, your BBM contacts, your chat-buddies... your lovers, your colleagues, your children and even grandkids... Everyone - hoping one day - we’ll meet you as well..

This is another special night for us – we’re releasing our E.P, and planning the biggest concert we’ve ever played – for us – for you – the whole thing wouldn’t be the same without you - it would mean a lot to us if you’re there…

love, 3'azl el baneit, and nervous impatience,

Monday, June 20, 2011

youtubewalls desktop

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

popping pills for theatrical gravity

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

طفيليات تركتها في باطني
تهرج و تستنزفني
طفيليات تركتها في صميمي
وانت لم تعود لي

رميته بين الأمواج
يرقص مع الحوريات
رجمت البحر بدمائي
لونت الموج بدمائي

والصيادون نائمون
والصيادون سابتون
والصيادون خامدون
والصيادون نائمون
والصيادون سابتون
والصيادون نائمون

ينادى إسمك قبل الفجر
وأنت لن تعود لي
رميته في قعر البحر
وأنت لن تعود لي
This is a nation of thieves, I felt. If I steal here, I accomplish no special act that could help me to realize myself. I merely obey the habitual order of things. I do not destroy it.

jean genet, on living in Nazi Germany. From "A thief's Journal" 1930

Thursday, June 2, 2011

بلعت نفسى 
كي أصبحك
لصقت صورتك علي وجهي

ومسحت عنقي بعطرك}
{وهمست إسمك في مرآتي
وكليشيهات أخرى

وخلعت ثيابك
ورأيتني أبلعك

وأختنقت على كلامك
كلامك يزبد من فمي

ولساني في قفصه الأزرق
يتخبّط علي إيقاعٍ
تدقّه أيدٍ
لم أطلب طلائها

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

المهور تتناول العقاقير المهلوسة

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

p.s. salamat from lubnanabad

Lovers, darlings, friends, cousins, and foes,

I hope this message finds you in the greatest of spirits.

It’s been much too long. I think of you often these days, when I wake up and the light dances on my face, coming in through the window, moving to the doom-tack-tack doom-tack doom-tack-tack-doom on the radio behind Nahawand’s voice on my side-table, as I fight the “oh-no-not-again”s whimpering in the back of my head when I realize another day has passed.

I really do miss you. I wish we could see each other more often, but I totally understand… sometimes one has to wait.
I’ll be in Doha, Qatar on the 15th of this month. I’d love little more than to be in your company, catch up, maybe over tea. I’ll be here: waiting for you anxiously. It’s their first music festival ever, and they’re having a great line-up including Hoobastank, Toploader, and many others. Pass by if you’re there, or close by.

I’ll be in Cairo afterwards congratulating some friends. They’ve done so much and it makes me ridiculously proud to even think about it. Imagine, we all lived through the making of some of the most profound historical events in the region’s repertoire. I’ll be at Masrah el Geneina on the seventh of May, and then at the Jazz club on the eighth. I’ll send you more details in my next letter.

Otherwise, things have finally been getting more serene. I have more time for myself these days, and I’m more at peace with everything around. I spent a lot of time in the studio. The boys have been incredible, doing the mixes and the recording themselves, and running around between their jobs, university, and the studio. I’ll be able to show you more material around July. Again, I’ll send you more details in my next letter.

My mom asked about you the other day. I didn’t know what to tell her. I think she’s on to us.

Can’t wait to be with you again.

P.S. Salamat min Lubanabad… 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


غداً يومٌ أفضل
مشروع ليلى

إعادة تصور أغنية كلينت إيستوود للغوريلاز
جميع حقوق الأغنية وأصحابها محترمة

تصوير في بيبلوس: كريم غريب
تصوير في الستديو: ياسمين صاروت
مونتاج و إخراج: ياسمين صاروت
إنتاج موسيقي: مشروع ليلى

مبسوط، ما بني شي
مخبى الشمس بكرشي
مالي عازه، بس مش مطول
غداً يومٌ أفضل
يومٌ أفضل، يومٌ أفضل...

بقى جاي يحكيني إبن الكلب عن كل قضايا العالم
يا رح تتصفف بجانبه، يا أما انك ظالم
بقى تتعلم تتفادى أحاديث بعمرها بتوديش،
لا رح تنقذ أهلك ولا رح بتغير عالم،
شنا الناس دايماً بتنتقم وعمرها ما بتحبش،
قوم بلاش ما تنفصم أشرفلك بس تطنش،
حتسيبك بوعظات جاي من عمارات من عاج،
حكيتهم خيي بتستاهل وإلا بس طعاج