Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Of the video of Raksit Leila

If you're curious to see how it was done, or to see just how much fun we had, watch the Making Of video

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Practice twice a week, five hours a week; meetings once a week, two hours a week.
Arguments, disagreements, but new material. Always new material.
We miss performing, but we need the time off for us to grow.
Big preparations for Byblos. It's a lot of pressure, a huge challenge for us! DEMCO Steel times 4!
Meanwhile a lot of new music is popping up in Beirut. It's great! And other events, plays (check out Ashphalt), photo exhibitions (check out 'ma baad lahza' in Masra7 el Madina), art exhibitions (check out 'formless' in Furn el Chebbak) Beirut is explosive this year!

So it's work work work...but also fun fun fun. Making music is fun. It's spontaneous. Sometimes we get carried away with making specific sounds, other times the mood dominates and new sounds are born. Both are rich. Sometimes it's hard to let ourselves get carried away with the music instead of structuring it straight away to make 'songs'. It used to be the opposite. But we're learning to chill and to allow some of the practice sessions to really be jam sessions with no goal other than to play.

exciting times..

Friday, March 19, 2010


if you haven't seen Shankaboot yet, you're missing out - it takes you t the streets of Beirut - and the streets of Armenia, the other side of th river - See Beirut from the rooftops - day and night. Fun story, very well shot and amazing music - watch first three episodes now - and wait for a new ones every week - shankebooha.

Shankaboot– the world’s first Arabic web-series – takes us into the beating heart of modern Beirut street life through the eyes of Suleiman, our 15 year old, happy-go-lucky delivery boy. Along for the ride are the beautiful Ruwaida and the mysterious Chadi, along with a host of other memorable characters.
Watch the show, play the game and check out Waheed El Booz at
Shankaboot is produced by Batoota Films in association with the BBC World Service Trust, supported by Zico House.
شنكبوت - أول مسلسل عربيّ على الإنترنت - بطلها سليمان صبي عمره ١٥ سنة بيعرف طرقات بيروت كلها بيوصل دليفري وين ما كان وساعة اللي كان. رويدا بنت لذيذة وشادي شاب ما بينعرفلو بيرافقه سليمان بمغامراته الشنكبوتيّة.
شوفو الشنكبوت وتسلّو بالألعاب وتابعو وحيد البوز على
شنكبوت إنتاج أفلام بطوطة بالتعاون مع صندوق التنمية التابع للبي بي سي، بدعم من زيكو هاوس 


It's been a very long time since we last posted something here - anyway, two very good friends of mine have a play showing soon at zico- "Asphalt[u]". it's written and performed by Pascal Corm [amazing actor] - Music composed and performed by Dzovinar Megerditchian [amazing composer and pianist]. it's on Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday the 31st of March, starting 8:30 pm
at Zico House [174, Sanayeh, Beirut].
Ticekts: 10,000 LL
for reservations call [70598033]
the play is in french.
come - and tell your friends - spread the word -