Monday, January 17, 2011

2012 - 1

2010 was our busiest / biggest year so far – we launched our album, released two music videos in collaboration with young talented directors, played at the Byblos Festival, performed at the Doha Tribeca Film Fest and went back to AUB for a concert with a string septet to raise 20,000 $ for HIV fund with your help.

In Parallel, we’ve been trying to figure out how to play tricks on time. Omaya and Haig graduated in 2009 and have been working in architecture studios for more than a year now, Ibrahim is still in MIT for his masters degree,  Andre graduated this year and started working in construction, as for Hamed, Carl and Firas, they’re currently working on their final year projects – so almost done with school. It’s very hectic, trying to juggle between music and our professions – and sometimes one takes over the other. But this is how it works in Beirut – it’s the only way we can push things forward.

So moving forward to a new year– el 7al romansy, bas mish ghalat

-Our first album is finally on iTunes – if you live abroad and don’t have the album yet, here’s the link to download. Share it. If you’ve already downloaded it from online websites and you would like to help us out – feel free.

-The Music video for Raksit Leila has passed 100,000 views on youtube,  as for Fasateen, it’s on its way – and we’re currently on the works for a third one – updates soon.

-We’re recording new songs – some you’ve heard at Byblos, and some you haven’t – but you will - in no time – keep that link in mind – it’ll be active very soon with a lot of material for you to hear/watch/read/interact with.

-We’re building our own jamroom – a place where we can work on music 24/7, day and night / night and day, without having to worry about neighbors’ complaints – fingers crossed.

-Once upon an overnight project, always an overnight project – sometimes fast – and some other times it takes longer – so be patient with us

7ob wa gharam,
Leila from Lubnanabad

ps. we just might come play in a city near you soon