Sunday, July 6, 2014


طلاع يا ابني لوديك وين ما بدك تروح 
الطريق صعب وطويل وبيمتحن الروح 
بس كبر جسمي صغر قلبي ليتحمل 
طعم الخل يللي لقيتو بدل العسل 

شئت أم أبيت العربيه رح تمشي 
و مشوارك ما إلو معنى متل كل شي 
فيك تسوق يا ما تنساق بيرجعلك الخيار 
قبل ما العالم ينساك بأخر المشوار 


غصباً عنك رح بتموت 

Get in son, and I will take you where you want to go.
The journey is long and often difficult; it tests your strength of soul.
As my body grew bigger, my heart grew smaller if only to endure
The acrid taste of vinegar, in place of the honey I meant to procure.
Should you concede, or should you not, the vehicle will proceed
Your journey will be as utterly frivolous as everything else indeed
You may choose to drive, or choose to be driven;
It's ultimately your own decision
But your ride will end, and you will be forgotten,
This is the sole provision:
You will die
Despite yourself you'll die.